Homeless Outreach

The Imperial Beach Neighborhood Center believes that homeless outreach is an essential step towards the physical and mental health of those individuals in need of regaining their self-sufficiency. All work is aimed at ending homelessness in Imperial Beach.

Saturday Shower Program

Every Saturday from 7AM to 9AM the IB Neighborhood Center offers free showers to our unsheltered community members in the Basement Hall of the Center. We provide clean clothes, new socks, underwear, and toiletry items along with ready to eat meals.
We partner with local agencies (District Attorney’s CARE Center, Think Dignity, McAlister Institute, IHHSA, County of San Diego, City of Imperial Beach, Family Health Centers, and South Bay Urgent Care) to provide additional support to our community members in need.

COVID-19 No Contact Policy in place until further notice. Volunteers are required to wear face coverings & gloves. Participants are required to wear face coverings in order to shower & receive food.

Items Needed

The Imperial Beach Neighborhood Center welcomes donations of the following items in order to aid those in need:

Non perishable food items:

· Crackers with cheese or peanut butter
· Fruit cups
· Ready to Eat Tuna packs
· Granola Bars
· Cereal Bars
· Dessert snacks
· Bottled Water
· Utensils & napkins

Also needed:

Hygiene bag for men
· Razors
· Deodorant
· Lotion
· Toothpaste
· Toothbrush
· Soap Bars
· Hand Towels
· Hand Cloths

Hygiene bag for women
· Razors
· Deodorant
· Lotion
· Toothpaste
· Toothbrush
· Soap
· Hand Towels
· Hand Cloths
· Feminine Product

Additional Requested Items
· Sunscreen
· Q-Tips
· Brushes / Combs
· Clippers / Emory Boards
· P-38s (Can Openers)
· Latex Gloves
· Lip Balm
· Purell Hand Sanitizer
· Hair Ties
· Ziploc Bags
· Bras
· Socks (Men’s & Women’s)
· Underwear (Men’s & Women’s)
· Blankets
· Backpacks

Should you have any questions regarding making a donation, please visit our Donate Goods page or feel free to reach out to the IB Neighborhood Center Office at 619-947-6057.

Donate Items

Emergency Assistance Team

The IB Neighborhood Center, in partnership with the City, County, Sheriff Department, and health officials, is developing an inclement weather program. It has yet to be funded and implemented. Delayed by COVID-19.